Epico Play for sports Club

  • Ready-to-go solution: open your channel now on Epico Play
  • Create your own custom app according to your needs
  • Engage and monetize your fan base

Live data, news, stats, in app posts

Live streaming, Quiz&Polls, Voting System, direct Q&A

Online shop, ADV banner, ticketing, premium access

Dedicated CMS and ADV system that can be integrated with all systems

Epico Play for OTT, broadcaster, Tv format, film

We create digital solutions dedicated to TV formats, TV series and movies in order to make the interaction experience between user and content more and more interactive and engaging for your users

New communication channel, direct communication with the target, maximum brand visibility, fully customizable platform

New interaction features, premium section, target data acquisition, minimum fan acquisition costs, exclusive offers and discounts

New fan monetization option, integrated tool for community management, personalized streaming platform, latest news and data, new fan creator declination, interactions in a safe environment

Platform benefits

Unique digital solution

Complete digital ecosystem that allows you to minimize management efforts


Platform ready to use in a very short time and within the reach of all realities; able to increase and monetize the audience of each brand at no cost and with a limited commitment of resources

Data collection

Data collection system that allows you to analyze and profile users


Continuous research of new market trends to offer unique and revolutionary digital solutions


New sources of income available to the club


A digital solution adaptable to any Club, Federation, League, brand, celebrity, TV program and movie